What is sex-positivism ?

Sex-positivism is an ideology, stating that every sexuality, gender, orientation, kink, and relationship style, are valid, as long as they are done with care, consent, and respect.

As the saying goes : don't yuck someone's yum !

The nature is complex and imagination infinite. Sexuality is part of both, and inherit these two aspects. There is an uncountable variety of ways to enjoy sex, affection, love, sensuality, and fantasies.

Sex-positivism invites you to work on yourself so you can enjoy your own way without guilt, and let others enjoy their own. Empowering each-other without judgement while emphazising consent is a key aspect of sex-positivism.

I am Julien Marcelle, a 40 yo gender-fluid, pansexual and polyamorous kinkster.

I'm into feminism, queer arts, erotic novel writing, role-playing, storytelling, dancing, and porn shooting.

Almost a decade ago, I have found knowledge and practice inside the Sex-Positive Belgium community, where i've learned a new vocabulary, consent tools, and a safety net, to learn how to use my sexuality better. Since, with my personal experience, exploration, and love affairs, I have bloomed into a much more social, attractive and assertive human. I'm very grateful to all the person that has helped me grow, my actual and older lovers of various gender, friends and sex partners, sexworkers with whom i had awesome discussions, and my insatiable hunger to discover more about sexuality. Today, all I want is to share and make the magic happen around me, may it be through workshops, discussion circles, amateur porn making, professional artsy post-porn projects, and, my favorite one : design fantasies and make them happen. As an experimentalist switch and sex-positive activist, I enjoy transmitting knowledge and debating ideas as much as exploring new gateways to pleasure and giving space to fragility.

In 2020, with a small group of sexpositive friends, we created Scala Rosa, a place but also a community, a spirit who help us grow together, and mutually validate our projects.

A Podcast about Sex-Positivism

Une discussion en français d'une heure avec des organisateurices d'événements et ateliers sexpositifs en Belgique. Merci au Love Health Center pour la collaboration !

We're on TV !

We had the chance to appear on TV, for the main channel of Brussels : BX1
Great occasion to improve visibility on sexpositivism and connect with awesome personnalities.

Our first post-porn movie

December 2021, a private sexpositive party at Scala Rosa. While the party rages on in the living room, one of the bedrooms is used as a video experimentation room where people can explore connections with each other while being filmed by a discrete camerawoman. As the night advances, more and more people spontaneously expose their love and lust for each other on camera, without any directing. The result is a cinematographic poem, a psychedelic journey into a hidden sexual world, a documentary about a one of a kind sexpositive party, and a love letter to the consent culture.

Here is the teaser of the movie, contact us if you want to participate to a screening or program this movie in your event.

Circle of Friends

because sex-positivism has many faces !