A sex-positive community in Brussels

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Educational sessions to help each other grow, evolve, and bloom.

We offer guidance, safe space, and playgrounds, to improve sexual experience, creativity, self-worth, and fun.

Actually on the menu

A.N.I. consent workshop

Power Play workshop

NEW : Fantasy Circle workshop

Full details about our workshops HERE

Discussion Tables


storytelling game based on kinks

Gender Fuck

crossdressing tips and tricks sharing, use and abuse of gender codes,

difference between erotisation of a gender and social role of gender, dress play

What's your Porn

debate about visual stimulation, presence or absence of backstory, Art vs Fap,

amateurism Vs professional aspect, realism Vs fantasy

Framing a sexpositive activity

this invite animators, coaches, facilitators, body therapists, sex-workers, and also whoever interested with the subject and having skills in laws and fiscality,

to gather around a table and talk about how to make this kind of activity a recognized and safe practice.

These concepts are not yet put into the schedule.

They will be planned when enough participants are showing interest, and we will find a schedule that fits most of us.

Please reach out to me to tell me which activity catch your interest

and for which you actually want to reserve a spot in your agenda !

The fee will be donation base, so you give what you can, what you want, motivate me to organize more stuff for you ;-)

Sexual Playgrounds

with Julien Marcelle

This panel of activity is aimed at people who desire activities where actual sex is permitted.

I propose concepts and different type of framing, we discuss the limits and desires,

and together we agree on something that can be pleasurable for everyone involved.

Then we plan it, and do it. 
The price will depend on a lot of very different factors, and will be discussed during the first meeting. 

Sensation Play

for individuals wanting a one on one experience with me (Domination Play, Sensual Massages, Erotic or Sexual stimulations)


for couple wanting to learn something new with the help of a coach, i.e. anal play, domination games, mind games, pain play, impact play, orgy organisation...

Fantasy Play

If you desire a play-partner and/or scene director to make a specific fantasy become reality. I have experience in group animation in sexual setting, storytelling, and staging first hand diverse fantasies written specifically for the kink of a main player.

Those who have been participating in my power play or fantasy play workshop knows that I have a lot of imagination, so you can also just come shyly with your list of kinks without have any idea of how to put them together, and don't worry, I'll create a story and a fantasy play out of it.

Contact me to plan your first rendez-vous.

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