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Public event : Autre Forme de Relation

Table de discussion FRANCOPHONE

Chaque premier lundi du mois, nous accueillons une table de discussion pour questionner notre façon de construire et transformer nos relations, et partager nos expériences autour de l'exclusivité affective, le polyamour, l'anarchie relationelle, la polysexualité, en mixité straight & queers.

Prochaines dates : 6/02 , 6/03 , 3/04 , 8/05 , 5/06


Educational and experimental sessions to help each other grow, evolve, and bloom. We offer guidance, safe space, and playgrounds, to improve sexual experience, creativity, self-worth, and fun !

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Is there something you would like to try with a partner, but you don't know how to go about it? Something that intimidates you or that you struggle with? Would you like some advice on how to realise some of your fantasies? 

Contact us with a specific demand and we can welcome you in a safe and private setting, to talk about it together.

Available subjects about sexuality : safe sex, tantra massage, BDSM, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal play, threesome, group sex, worship, sex toys, pegging, public play, light bondage, spanking & impact play, domination & submission, crossdressing, dirty talk, edging, pain play, consensual non-consent games, party organising,...

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