Current workshops

A.N.I. Workshop

Hosted by Julien Marcelle

This acronym stands for : Ask, Negotiate & Interrupt.

We will work together on how you can allow yourself to express a desire, how to welcome a yes and a no, how to nuance and work towards a common ground, and how to be more assertive.

Let's acknowledge that consent is not just about saying yes or no. It is about self-worth, about trust, about assertivity, about live and let live, about autonomy, and about consciousness. That is why we will adress in this workshop a deeper concept : the ANI.

Lately, the word “consent” popped into every well intentioned mouth, alas sometimes with a mix of misandry, binarism, over-simplification, and blaming, so much that it saturated the mind of some. Some toxic power dynamics can take roots on such desire for consent, when it's not done with full consciousness, responsibility in communication, and humility.

On the other hand, some people reject the concept of consent, because asking for consent all the time may be a turn off. The thing is, there's always something that we wanted to say but kept it because we wanted the other to be happy. There is always something we do to please the other, without having to talk about it. But then you realize that the other received your gift because they thought it pleased you, not because they liked it. And in the end, both are giving themselves, and no one is actually receiving the pleasure.

Without ANI, love is awkward.

Sooner or later, if you don't communicate, and don't go deep into the understanding of the giving-receiving dynamic (thus consent), you risk to fool yourself, or worse, hurt yourself and the people you love.

May you be in a relationship or be celibate, consent is a tool to reach out and GET WHAT YOU WANT.

Learning how to be fully respectful towards yourself and others is an endless road... So let's start now !

This 2 hours workshop will include interaction games, practical exercices on the 4 quadrants of the wheel of consent, and a sharing circle.

You may choose to do the exercices only with your partner.
You may come alone, if you are ready to do the exercices with others.

No nudity or sexual experience is to be expected of this workshop.

Price : 15€

Starting time : 7pm, no entry after 7.30pm

March 2023

Tuesday 14 : A.N.I WORKSHOP

May 2023

Tuesday 23 : A.N.I WORKSHOP


Hosted by Julien Marcelle

Power Play is a role-playing game in which two or more players use power exchange to enjoy erotic energy, explore one's physical and mental limits, and live their fantasy! This workshop offers tools to enjoy a safe and respectful setting for every sexuality, and will invite you to play with the many aspects of POWER.

Are you giving pleasure or allowing your partner to take it from you? Are you making the difference between the person you are and the character you play? How clearly do you understand your partners' desires? How can you check up on each other without killing the mood? Do you really allow yourself to express your pleasure?

This workshop is designed for total newbies and kink veterans alike. Your gender, sexual orientation or queerness doesn't matter, as this approach spotlights many aspects that will empower every sexuality. It is advised to come with one (or multiple) play partners, but you may come alone too. There will be interactive games between participants, but you can choose to only interact with your play-partner. As always, only do what you feel ready to do.

There won't be any full nudity or actual sex during this workshop - although you might expect some level of arousal.

Module 1 - Safety: Theoretical presentation of what is Power Play. How can it be played safely, and some inspiration to trigger your imagination. After this session, you will have a better understanding of the broadness and diversity of the playground, and how to start to navigate these tricky fields.

Module 2 - Practice: Practical tryout workshop for pairs. Test the variety of the Tools of Power : voice, command, pain, mindfucks, primal energies... After this session, you will have a general idea of which tool feels natural to you, and the basics on how to use it for pleasure.

Module 3 - Intuition : Sense the temperature of your action, the receptivity of your partner, learn to improvise, give intention to your moves. After this session, you will have a better sense of the diversity of behaviour you can enhance, and how to get in and out of character a bit more fluidly.

Module 4 - Story : Deeper into the narrative, to really mix kink and story-telling. Learn to create a more complex character, evolution, rupture point, climax, sexy scenario which can expand to multiple sessions, and give life to your fantasies. After this session, you will have some basics for experimenting a fantasy play, how to create a fitting story for your diverse kinks, and give rythm to a session.


80€ for all 4 modules 

or 25€ per module (Module 1 is mandatory before having acces to any other modules)

Schedule : 6.30pm to 7.30pm : social potluck ---- 7.30pm to 9.30pm : workshop

Bring food and drinks if you want to join for the potluck.

February 2023

Tuesday 31 January : Power Play Module 1

Tuesday 07 February : Power Play Module 2

Tuesday 14 February : Power Play Module 3

Tuesday 21 February : Power Play Module 4

June 2023

Tuesday 06 : Power Play Module 1

Tuesday 13 : Power Play Module 2

Tuesday 20 : Power Play Module 3

Tuesday 27 : Power Play Module 4

April 2023

Wednesday 05 : Power Play Module 1

Wednesday 12 : Power Play Module 2

Wednesday 19 : Power Play Module 3

Wednesday 26 : Power Play Module 4

Where ?

The workshops are held in a cosy private space in Forest, a shared house in the south of Brussels. Depending on the needs of the activity, we will welcome you in our comfy living room or in our KinkRoom.

Our workshops are meant to be welcoming for every nuance of the rainbow, so queer folks and straight cis are welcome without distinction.

We do our best to be as inclusive as possible, but we also acknowledge the need for non mixity on certain occasions. Let us know if you would like to dedicate a workshop to a specific minority, and if we can gather enough people we will make it happen.

Usually though, we prefer to mix all kinds of people, and have minorities and majorities mingle in a way to minimize social pressure and give space to mutual education.